Kagemusha is a stool inspired by the tradicional woodworking techniques of Japan. Its modular structure formed by repetitions of wood gives the stool strength and eases the manufacturing process. Its shape is influenced by the architecture of Feudal Japan as represented on the work of filmmaker Akira Kurosawa.

The stool is extremely light, an essential feature for users that move around constantly and for its consolidation as a practical piece of furniture. On a market flooded by cheap and disposable options, its manufacture is inspired on the exceptional quality that allowed traditional furniture to stay with Japanese families for generations, allowing Kagemusha to stay with its owner for many years to come.

Kagemusha is targeted at a young market, users that are beginning to furnish their homes and are looking for practical products at affordable prices. This is achieved by using on its manufacture planks of wood that are too small to be used on the furniture industry, usually destined for use as paper pulp. By not needing large pieces of wood, Kagemusha manages to deliver a very high rate of material utilization without sacrificing quality.